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Whilst we Zen kitties spend most of our time dwelling in the bliss of simple beingness, humans tend to forget all about the present moment as they rush from one thing to another, never really appreciating the depth of true experience.

It is the responsibility of Zen kitties everywhere to be vigilant to their humans’ lack of focus and ensure we snap them back into the present moment whenever we sense they are beginning to drift. Sometimes a simple claw in the knee will suffice but, to really do our role justice, we must be in all places at once and forever poised to surprise the un-expecting day dreamer.

Remove your notebook with mindfulness young apprentice.

Waiting for an unsuspecting hand.


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Zen Kitty Speaks – A Koan

We Zen Kitties spend many hours, eyes half closed, in front of the fire or lounging in a sunbeam whilst in deepest contemplation of the mysteries of the universe. Sometimes we use Koans, which are questions or stories that help us understand the true nature of reality by bypassing the rational mind. Today I have barely moved from the sofa at all whilst meditating on the following conundrum.

What is the sound of one paw clapping?

Indeed it is a challenging life.

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Zen Kitty Speaks – Happiness

‘Happiness cannot be found through great effort and will power but is already present in open relaxation and letting go.’  Venerable Lama Gendun Rinpoche

Zen Kitty wishes you a most relaxed and happy New Year.

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There are so many lessons to teach these silly humans that sometimes we Zen Kitties truly have our work cut out for us. Most humans like to think that things belong to them and are constantly referring to ‘my shirt’, ‘my book’, ‘my bag’ etc. I like to show them, as best I can, how erroneous these suppositions are, as like all things, the notion of ownership is subject to change at any moment.

Your jacket

Is now my jacket

How foolish you are to be so attached.

My Jacket

Sorry, whose?


If there is no self, how can these shoes belong to 'you'.

Finder's keepers.

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This month, Zen Kitty is on retreat and has kindly allowed me, Serenity, Witch’s Kitty, to share a few thoughts on this most auspicious of days.

In Celtic lore October 31st- November 1st was seen as the end of the light half of the year and the beginning of the dark. As plants and crops were dying, the world of spirit was seen to be especially close and it is this that has influenced the modern celebrations of Halloween.

Samhain also marked the beginning of the Celtic New Year because it was observed that a period of darkness and gestation always precedes new birth. This is how I recommend we all view the winter months, as a time to draw in, reflect and begin the nurturing of new ideas that we hope will spring into being when the warmer weather returns.

Many people are sorry to see the end of the summer months and dread the cold and damp of Winter but we Magic Kitties know that all great things must dwell a little while in the womb of life before coming forth, the better and the brighter for it.

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Zen Kitty Speaks – Yoga

Zen Kitties believe it is important to keep the body supple in order to enhance your meditation and general wellbeing. I regularly undertake a challenging regime of stretches to keep myself in a state of perfect balance.

Begin with some gentle leg raises…

Then spinal twists…

Stretch those legs…

The lotus position has many benefits…

And of course all good yoga routines end with a moment of stillness in the form of the corpse pose.

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Zen Kitties believe moderation is best in all things if one wishes to maintain the balance of mind.

For example, too much catnip is liable to leave you feeling very funny indeed!

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Grant yourself a moment of peace and you will understand how foolishly you have scurried around.
Tscen Tshiju

I’m sure I can manage more than just a moment…..

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